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Manage you merch,


You are a company with many offices or people working remotely? You often order merch but don’t have space to stock it? The logistics of ordering & managing merchandising seems like a pain in the ass to you? This service is for you.

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Produce merch

Browse our catalog & choose the merch you want from our selection of beautiful & sustainable personalized gifts. We’ll produce it for you.


Onboard the app

Right from our app, Merchery Logistics, decide when and where you want to ship. Worldwide. Think of it as your virtual inventory.


We store

We will store your merch and provide you with full control to easily handle your stock. Bye-bye incontrolable stock & messy office.


You dispatch

Manage your inventory & decide where & when you want to ship it. You can easily send your merch to a single location or to multiple locations simultaneously. We ship worldwide and within 3-4 days.

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