From the Californian brand Patagonia all the way to the Danish brand Rains and other well-known brands, we not only offer stylish custom jackets but also durable and sustainable ones.

Custom jackets

Custom jackets make great branded corporate gifts for your team and clients.

Our selection of jackets can be customized with your logo or design to benefit your brand, business, or company, by promoting its recognition and loyalty. Also, a good option to reward team members or to gift clients. By gifting branded jackets, businesses are able to create a sense of unity among employees and a positive image among clients.

Our custom jackets are long-lasting gift, making them a great investment for businesses looking to establish long-term relationships with their clients and employees.

Choose a jacket that fits your preferred look, feel, color, and style, from our carefully curated catalog. We'll take care of the rest.

Branded jackets from big brands

Among the vast selection of products available in our shop, you can find our favorite brands for jackets, making them perfect for corporate merchandise.

From the Danish brand Rains all the way to the Californian brand Patagonia. Custom jackets from well-known brands can be found in our catalogs. These will make the perfect high-end, elite, branded gift for your team, company, business and or clients.

When attending meetings, your company logo in a cozy, classy Patagonia jacket will never fail to impress your customers. When going for after-work drinks, with one of these custom jackets, your company's logo will shine. Or, for example, an exquisite corporate gift for your employees when looking for the perfect outfit to attend a trade show and represent your business with a classy look.

Take a look at our curated selection of customizable work jackets, fleece jackets, rain jackets, soft shell jackets, torrentshell jackets from our dearest brands.

White label jackets

White label jackets are jackets produced in bulk by a manufacturer that allows you to rebrand and sell under your company's name.

Our partner manufacturers are typically specialized in garment production and, of course, fit our values and requirements. We can then, insert your logo or design for your business to sell or give to customers.

White label jackets are a good alternative for companies and businesses that want to sell jackets without having to invest in their manufacturing process and give you the ability to deepen your branding.

These allow you to leverage the expertise and production capabilities of our manufacturers while putting your own brand name, creating custom logo jackets. Our offer of white label jackets can be found in various styles, materials, and price points, depending on the manufacturer and your preferences.

Custom white label jackets come in handy whether as merchandise or as employee uniforms, for important meetings and trade shows, events in general, or if you're a business that simply wants to sell its own design.

Check out our white label options for personalized jackets.

Beyond the cold weather

We are dedicated to providing you with a wide range of cozy and warm personalized jackets and vests, that will, with no doubt, complement your winter outerwear.

Our goal is to ensure that you and your team are well-equipped for temperature drops wherever you go, and that your business is always looking its best with our many styles of custom jackets.

For those really chilly days, we've got you covered with our fleece jackets, which will keep you warm and snug. Don't let the rain dampen your mood - our rain jackets will keep you dry and comfortable. If you're looking for something that's both simple and cozy, our vests are perfect for you. And for those who prefer something lightweight yet stylish, our selection of lightweight jackets is sure to impress.

With so many styles of corporate branded jackets to choose from, you can add your company's logo to make them even more unique. Our custom jackets for cold weather are perfect for showcasing your company's logo and making your brand stand out. Trust us to provide you with high-quality, comfortable, and stylish custom jackets that will keep you warm and looking your best no matter where you go.

A jacket for every type

We understand that finding textile products that make up for great corporate gifts can be difficult and frustrating, especially when you want them to fit well and look good on all your employees. We are here for you. Our branded jackets not only look great, but we offer the option to order different sizes to ensure a perfect fit for everyone.

In addition to customization, specifications, and production information, you will find a minimum order quantity (MOQ) listed. The MOQ applies to the total quantity, so it is possible to order different sizes as long as the MOQ is respected.

If you are searching for a specific or different jacket to create your custom logo jackets, our catalog is always expanding. We might be working on the product you're looking for at the moment, so we suggest getting in touch with us to learn more.

Visit our shop and see our offer of custom jackets and gift your employees with a remarkable and long-lasting jacket. We'll make your business shine in real life with our many styles of custom jackets.

Customization techniques

Behind the good qualitative design process of our personalized jackets, is the customization. We use different customization techniques for each product, selecting the most suitable one for the fabric. Sometimes, you can choose between two or more available techniques for a product's customization, which you can find on the customization section of each product page. Depending on the jacket you want to personalize, multiple customizations may be possible. All logo placement options are indicated on the product page, and if multiple positions are available, you can choose to use the same logo or a different one.

For jackets, the customization methods we use range from embroidery, transfer printing and screen printing. Here's a bit of an explanation of each technique:

The custom jackets we offer at Merchery, are by themselves long-lasting. But when it comes to embroidered jackets, these are to remain wearable for a lifetime. One of the advantages of embroidery is that it is a technique of high quality and also enduring. On the other side, it is a technique of low capacity, so be sure to give yourself time to order it. The making of these custom embroidered jackets consists of a digital logo being "redrawn" to determine the stitching requirements, which increases the set-up costs for embroidery. The item is then secured by rings on two sides and embroidered using a large sewing machine with sewing heads containing one to fifteen needles, depending on the supplier.

Transfer printing is the process of printing your design onto a special transferable vinyl material. We can use transfer printing on both light and dark-colored jackets. The logo is printed in a plastic paper and then transferred onto the textile using a heat press. This method is mostly used when there’s a need to print small details.

An alternative to embroidery is silk printing or screen printing. It is also characterized as durable and has low lead times. This technique is especially good for large printing and it allows great quality for letters, although not adequate for very fine details. Screen printing involves printing ink directly onto an item using a "screen." The screen contains a mesh with small openings through which ink is pressed onto the item. To create the screen, a photosensitive layer is applied, and the artwork or logo is exposed under UV light. The areas where the logo should appear are left open in the mesh. The screen is then placed on a carousel, ink is added, and a squeegee is used to press the ink onto the item.

If you are wondering about the colors available to use in your custom jackets, you can check the corresponding product page. If you cannot find the color you are looking for, or have any other questions regarding customization, feel free to contact us.

Sustainability in branded jackets

At Merchery, our mission is to help organizations reduce their environmental footprint by providing customizable, sustainable products that showcase their brand in real life.

We are proud to be a B Corp, which means we value workers, customers, the environment, and the community as much as profits. We also have strong corporate governance that ensures these values are upheld. We are committed to using our business as a force for good!

For each product, we trace the value chain back to the raw materials to provide full transparency on where and how the product is made. Beauty and design are at the core of our selection process.

Learn more about how we minimize our environmental impact

We stand with the statement - quality over quantity. We prioritize offering products that are not only high-quality but also built to last, so they won't end up in landfills after just a few uses. To prevent waste, a minimum order quantity is required. We understand that making sustainable choices can be challenging, which is why we're committed to offering products that can be used and reused.

Rest assured that all the jackets we offer are sustainable. Our online store features labels such as 1% for the Planet and B Corp, as well as certifications including Bluesign, Fairwear, Vegan Approved, Fairwear, Fair Trade, Global Recycled Standard, Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, and Ecocert (the last two are on our European catalog only).

So, if you are in search of beautiful and sustainable custom jackets, you came to the right place. Visit our shop and choose your favorite custom jacket, we'll insert your design and take care of the rest - from the ordering process to hearing your feedback.