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BlogNov 10, 2023

Thanksgiving 2023: Memorable Gift Ideas to Show Client Appreciation

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Thanksgiving and the festive season are coming... It's time to show gratitude and foster (business) relationships!

Thanksgiving - The holiday that promises turkey-induced food comas, family gatherings, good music... But beyond the feasting, Thanksgiving is a time to unwind, reflect, and, most importantly, give thanks.

At this time of year, as we gather with family and friends to enjoy good food and company, it's equally important to express our gratitude to those who contribute to our business success. We understand that finding the perfect gift can be tricky but worry not; we're here to make your Thanksgiving gifting journey easy and make you discover the best personalized thanksgiving gifts for employees. . In this article, we'll explore how it can bring a little extra warmth to your work life with some thanksgiving gifts for clients that will leave your clients feeling thankful this holiday season.

So, let us guide you through a world of thoughtful, personalized, and memorable gifts that will not only express your gratitude but also leave a lasting impression on your valued clients. Let's embark on this delightful journey of showing appreciation the right way!

The Importance of Gifting in Business

We all know the importance of expressing gratitude to clients. Isn't Thanksgiving, synonymous with goodwill? It's a time when family members and friends gather to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal, eat turkey, but it's also time for colleagues and businesses to express gratitude to their clients or team with thoughtful Thanksgiving gifts for this special occasion.

Having strong relationships with business clients should be a top priority for everyone. Thoughtful gifting plays a huge role, allowing you to express your appreciation genuinely. These gestures have a lasting impact and extend far beyond the national holiday and festive season, building a solid bond of trust and keeping clients loyal and a good business relationship.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gift

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful! When selecting the perfect Thanksgiving presents for your clients, several factors come into play:

Relevance: think about thoughtful thanksgiving gifts for clients. A great thanksgiving gift is the one they'll we keep and cherish - avoid the ones that will end up in the trash. The gift needs to be appropriate for the Thanksgiving occasion, making them feel the gratitude and celebration on thanksgiving day.

Personalization: who doesn't love a tailored gift for Thanksgiving? Adapt your corporate gifts with your client preferences. You know their interests? hobbies? values? It's time to create a more meaningful connection. This is a great idea, trust us. Wine lovers? Why not go for a nice wine stopper that will keep the wine tasty? Incredibly convenient! A bookworm client? Choose our Craighill bookmark. Business partners? Go for a thoughtful thanksgiving gift such as a an engraved CW&T everyday pen.

Need some inspo? Check out our work page and our top client gift ideas 2023.

Quality: it cannot be said often enough - quality makes the difference. Invest in high-quality items that reflect your brand's values and create a lasting impression. Discover 15 personalized gift ideas for vip clients, a high quality curation of items to give you some great ideas.

Top Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Clients

This Thanksgiving, explore a variety of thoughtful gift options to express your gratitude. We've got the best thanksgiving gift ideas:

Personalized Stationery: Customized stationery items such as notebooks, pens, or journals with a personal touch.

Wellness gift baskets: a gift box filled with little wellness goodies such bath salts, hand lotion, tea blends, lip balm and a few books or home related gifts to already get us into the christmas season and warm the hearts.

Gather all those care products and create the perfect spa gift box!

Gourmet Gift Baskets: Curate a basket filled with gourmet cookies, food items, chocolates and coffee, tea or pumpkin spices for any food enthusiasts alike and add some personalized extra goodies such as:

Here are some of the coolest gourmet food gifts. But, if you want to offer them a food-themed experience together, as a team building, go for a cooking class! They'll love it.

Thank you cards

Thanksgiving is the perfect moment to express gratitude and say thank you for the blessings and (business) relationships in your life. Expressing gratitude to your team for their hard work can be even more rewarding than a simple gift.

Here are some other great gift ideas for thanksgiving day: Online classes, a good pair of cotton socks, a cold brew sampler with a Miir dripper, a polo for your golf enthusiast client, a Patagonia backpack, a yeti mug for the pumpkin spice latte season, or just make a mix of all your favorite products and thoughtful gifts and create your perfect thanksgiving gift baskets. Whether you're a small business owner or an HR professional in a bug company, we've got everything you need!

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Presentation Matters: Packaging and Delivery

Remember that presentation is key when it comes to corporate thanksgiving gifts:

Aesthetically pleasing packaging: Use cool packaging featuring your company logo for that extra touch of personalization.

Personal touches: Include handwritten notes or cards expressing your gratitude and a special message for thanksgiving.

The first impression is always the best, and even more so at Thanksgiving!

The Do's and Don'ts of Corporate Gifting

To make your Thanksgiving gifting strategy effective, consider these do's and don'ts:

Cultural sensitivities: Be aware of cultural sensitivities to ensure that your gift reflects positively on your business.

Balance: Find the right balance in your gifts – neither too extravagant nor too cheap, to create the perfect match with your brand.


As November rolls in, embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving by showing your clients how much you appreciate their business. It's the one day of the year dedicated to gratitude and it has never been that easy with Merchery.

These little gesture during this thank you season can stronger partnerships. This holiday season, express your gratitude with great Thanksgiving gifts, creating a good impression and leaving your clients feeling valued and appreciated.

Thanksgiving, with its warm embrace of gratitude and togetherness, isn't just about turkey and pumpkin pie. It's a reminder that these values can infuse your workplace with positivity and appreciation, creating an environment where employees thrive. So, kick back and let's explore how you can bring a little bit of that Thanksgiving magic to your office.

It's time to thank your team, colleagues, partners,... Happy Thanksgiving!

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