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BlogJun 19, 2023

Celebrate Career Milestones with These 30 Job Promotion Gifts

Celebrate Career Milestones with These 30 Job Promotion Gifts

Each upward step taken on a career trajectory deserves to be celebrated, especially when it involves climbing vertically.

Our mission at Merchery is to bring beauty and sustainability to the Merch industry world. As a unique corporate gift supplier, we have curated a selection of job promotion gifts for you to show support to your colleagues whether they are climbing the corporate ladder with a new position, or starting over pursuing a new direction.

30 Best Promotion Gift ideas To Celebrate Your Coworkers' Success

Regardless of the previous and subsequent job title, workers should be acknowledged for their efforts and hard work when securing a new employment title or professional promotion.

Celebrate success with a thoughtful promotion gift. Customize these 30 unique promotion gifts ideas with your logo or design, and show support towards your colleague's success. We've got you covered with gifts for executives, new hire gift ideas and interns!

Help them stay organized

Having a coworker, employee, a close friend, or even your boss, investing a lot of effort, passion, and free time for, and in the long run, securing the new job they desired and worked so hard for, deserves a good and well-celebrated commemoration of their success.

A great gift idea to gift to a newly promoted coworker - to help them have everything in order and to enhance their productivity in their new role - is as simple as a good notebook. Need more gift ideas for achievements? Discover more here.

Also, a good notebook exhibits professionalism and can make a positive impression in the workplace. It showcases commitment to staying organized and taking responsibilities seriously. It also helps to make a workspace more unique and personalized and it makes it feel more comfortable and useful for productivity.

Customize these beautiful, sustainable, and practical notebooks so they can write down important tasks, deadlines, and meetings, ensuring that nothing slips through. To write ideas, brainstorm strategies, take notes in meetings, and make to do lists.

On top of that, the act of physically writing things down can enhance memory retention and cognitive processes. By engaging with the content in a tangible way, they can better internalize information and generate new ideas more effectively.

MERCHERY_Threadbound Moleskine_together_top_2.jpg
MERCHERY_Threadbound Moleskine_together_top_2.jpg
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Classic yet unique promotion gift, the Moleskine. The best notebook ever. The paper touch is perfect, and the quality of the binding is miraculous. This is a notebook people will use. For this notebook, we offer different options for customization: printing, debossing, or hot foil stamping. For a more professional and high-end result, opt for the debossing option.

An alternative to the classic Moleskine is the Threadbound Moleskine. Perfect lightweight journal for day-to-day use and designed for efficient note-taking, with a flap pocket on the inside back cover to collect little notes and important papers.

Notebooks make a thoughtful gift that not only shows support and recognition of the promoted employee's achievements but also provides a hands-on tool to excel in their new position.

Boost their professional look with job gifts for promotion

Make your colleague that has recently been promoted or is going to be soon, feel good and look more professional in the workplace with these elegant, stylish, and sleek desk accessories.

Desk accessories make great gifts to celebrate someone's promotion and to contribute to their organization, productivity, and overall work experience. A clean desk means a clean mind. Help them build their new desk, make their workspace - whether it's at home or at the office - enhanced with these beautiful, sustainable, and customizable products:

The Walden lava rock diffuser has a unique combination of materials. The lava rock is porous and absorbs essential oils, while the anodized aluminum base ensures it stays in place and looks sleek on any surface. It's perfect for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere in your home or workspace. Customize the aluminum base with your own design. Add a few drops of essential oil to the top surface of the rock for a natural diffusion effect. The complex rock structure allows the oil to spread and soak into the surface of the rock and diffuse evenly over time. What better than wellness gifts for employees?

Rather than relying on utility knives, letter openers, and pocket knives, what if there was a single option to tackle all cutting and opening, explicitly geared towards the desk's cape? Find the Desk knife, inspired by the Japanese kiridashi knife, but recontextualized for the contemporary workspace, the Desk Knife is elemental and satisfying to use.

Made from solid cartridge brass. The Desk puzzle. Made of 6 brass bars, will definitely distract you from your tasks, but be warned, if you take it apart, you might not be able to figure out how to put it back together… but most importantly, have fun!

Custom desk puzzle
Personalized Lava rock diffuser
Custom desk knife
MERCHERY_MAY-2022_Desk puzzle_3.jpg
Custom desk puzzle
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By selecting practical and visually appealing desk accessories, you can help them create a more professional and organized work environment as they embrace their new role.

Help them grow: promotional gifts for employees

Celebrate someone's promotion by gifting customized promotions swags that show consideration for work-life balance and support a healthy and empowering work environment.

Being promoted at work has various implications in one's life. In and outside the office. While also exciting, the increased responsibilities and higher expectations can lead to feeling pressure and stress. It is important for employees to manage the workload and set realistic goals to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Here is a suggestion for a job promotion gift that will help you deal better with the mental implications of transition and adjustment to a new position:

A different kind of notebook, an excellent resource for anyone seeking to improve their mental health and well-being. The Therapy notebooks journal. This notebook is filled with 272 pages of 75 gsm cream paper for a smooth & fluid writing experience. Its thoughtful design and practical features can help reduce anxiety, manage stress, organize your thoughts, and keep track of insights. Whether you're a therapist or simply looking to enhance your personal wellness routine, this notebook is a valuable addition. You can add your own logo to the front cover to make it even more personal for your daily sessions.
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A big deal for some.

New profession, new responsibilities - it can be hard work and this unique gift just might be precisely what they need. Show that your company or business cares for its employees' physical and mental health.

Simple but powerful promotion gifts ideas: pens

Gifting a pen to a colleague that has got a new position goes a long way. A pen symbolizes professionalism, accomplishments, and a new chapter in one’s career pathway. It also speaks for empowerment, taking important decisions, and taking charge of responsibilities.

A daily tool convenient for every type of employee. Here you can find six of our favorite pens and why we love them so much. We have organized them from the higher price to lower.

Bolt action pen. You’ll never get tired of the fluid motion that the bolt action shape allows when opening or closing your pen. The customization method for this pen is engraving, it gives it a high-end look and feel. Customize it with the name of the company or the individual's initials.

[Side click pen](Side click pen). It's incredibly satisfying. The all-metal side click features a mechanism that's simple, elegant, and durable enough to withstand a lifetime of use.

Craighill pen. Heavy enough to offer a stable grip and smooth writing. In stainless steel, brass, and coated steel. Simple and durable.

Original brass pen. The brass body of this pen provides a hefty weight, balance, and an exceptionally satisfying in-hand feel. And the cap can be screwed on the back of the body while in use.

Squire rollerball pen. Stainless steel tip width 0.6mm. This one is an easy and simple pen: a little twist to open it and you’re good to go! Also an easy and simple personalized gift too. Customize it and take it everywhere.

Caran d’Ache 849. With its hexagonal shape, aluminum body, and its 100% Swiss Made manufacture, this emblematic ballpoint pen from Caran d’Ache guarantees unique writing comfort. A classic.

These pens are designed to last forever. Just be careful, the whole team at the office might try to take it away from you and your dream job.

Personalized Caran d'Ache
Custom Craighill pen
MERCHERY_MAY-2022_Squire rollerball pen_grey_holding 1.jpg
Personalized Caran d'Ache
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Carry everything, everywhere.

Gifting a practical, beautiful, and reusable bag makes a perfect gift for a promotion gift.

Personalize your favorite bag from our catalogue and gift it away to your coworker or team member that is being promoted and make the transition from one job to another easier by showing support.

A bag, tote bag, or backpack, is a way to help the recipient stay organized and in style. Whether the recipient of the bag is going to the gym, going for a business trip, or simply going to the food market, a bag is always convenient.

Take a look at our recommendations and find the type of bag that it fits better the setting of your company, business, or brand.


To start, the practical totes. A tote bag is a versatile and practical bag that you can even fit inside another bag. Totes are often used as reusable shopping bags, beach-gym-yoga bags, work totes, travel companions and fashionable accessories, as they are light and can fit lots of things inside. These are the best solution we found as an alternative to single-use plastic bags, and one of the best and most useful ways to promote a business.

The Heavy tote. Made from heavy waxed canvas and lined in natural cotton. This tote has two options for straps, a longer one to carry over the shoulder or a handy one. In natural color or navy blue. Not too precious, up for anything.

The Felt tote is what we like to call an all-purpose bag. Big and classic enough to be around in all situations. It's elegant and modern. Made from recycled felt.

The Pocket cabas is perfect for daily use. The straps continue all the way down and the cabas features an open front pocket.

MERCHERY_Tote heavy_natural_1 1.jpg
MERCHERY_Tote heavy_natural_1 1.jpg
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Insert your logo or design and take your favourite tote on your adventures.


Made with 100% recycled body fabric, lining and webbing. From the famous brand Patagonia, the Patagonia black hole pack 25L backpack. Daypack with just the right amount of space to haul all of your memories from a weekend outdoors. Simple, sustainable, stylish, and beautiful.

The Baggu backpack will give you a summer feeling. Lightweight and spacious enough to fit all of your stuff thanks to its many pockets. Super comfortable to wear, you’ll love it!

And lastly, the Day Owl slim backpack. Minimal on the outside, functional on the inside, sustainable all around.

MERCHERY_MAY-Patagonia backpack_black_1.jpg
MERCHERY_MAY-Patagonia backpack_black_1.jpg
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Reusable bottles - usability and aesthetics

Usability and aesthetics. The balance between those two elements is probably what defines best Kinto products.

Kinto is one of our favorite brands in the catalog. You can find the most elegant and functional products from our friends at Kinto in our shop.

A promotion gift idea that makes the perfect gift to anyone that wants to look sharp, edgy, and cool. The Kinto active tumbler - in two different sizes and lots of calm colors to choose from.

The Kinto day off is another one for the books. This unique bottle will feel just right in your hand and will stand by you in your everyday life. For this one, you can choose between a lot of happy colors. A great gift for someone that got promoted and wants to start being more active ;)

Discover the unique gift for the coffee lover that just got promoted, meet our new addition to the catalog: the Kinto mugs.

Whether you're into hot coffee or iced latte, the Kinto ceramic mug is for you. Experience both roughness and delicacy in one place with the Kinto Ceramic mug. The clay has a textured finish visible at the bottom, while the glazing is a calming color.

The Kinto espresso cup, with its perfect union of Japanese craftsmanship and modern lifestyle, infuses every sip of your daily coffee ritual with inspiration. A gift for a stylish kitchen in the office.

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A Classy Promotion Gift Idea

A classic, very elegant, and high-end product that will make the recipient very happy is The North Face puff jacket. It features an innovative quilting pattern and advanced insulation for lightweight warmth. Uuufff… the kind of jacket they won’t let go.

An alternative for hot people is the AS Colour organic t-shirt. Made from soft, high-quality organic cotton, this t-shirt feels great against your skin and is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe. The Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, making it a more environmentally friendly option and add a personal touch by adding your logo on!

Personalize these products with your logo or design for the most stylish gift.

MERCHERY_The North Face puff jacket_black_W_front_1.jpg
MERCHERY_The North Face puff jacket_black_W_front_1.jpg
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Wellness gifts for all employees

Personalized wellness promotion gifts for employees that get promoted at work are an excellent choice as they show your commitment to the health and well-being of the employees of your company or business.

Promoting well-being in the workplace is an ongoing effort. These job promotion gifts can serve as reminders to prioritize self-care and lead a healthy lifestyle in the new role.

So many good things that come with a good sleep. Meet the Eye mask, blink-friendly eye-cups. For a total blackout experience to give you quality rest and brighter tomorrows. Customize the pouch with your logo and they can take the eye mask wherever they go!

The Face roller is the perfect gift and addition to your beauty routine. Made with high-quality jade, this roller is designed to help reduce puffiness and inflammation while promoting lymphatic drainage. The roller is easy to use and can be customized by adding your own logo.

Crafted from sustainable bamboo, this hair brush will give you the perfect hairstyle even in busy mornings. The Hair brush.

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Throw a party

Why not have a little fun while celebrating someone's success? Make them start the new promotion on the right foot with a gift and a little party.

Celebrate your colleague's new job position with a Plant a Tree party. A unique and environmentally friendly way to honor their achievement.

A new job title, a new start, a new life. Fun, sustainable, and an opportunity to come together.

These are our favorite customizable gifts to celebrate with the team:

The Tree kit. 100% biodegradable cow manure pot and the available seeds are sycamore, spruce, and loblolly pine.

A different type of promotion gift but also a perfect way to celebrate: the Grow kit. This tiny terracotta kit delivers everything you need to nurture and grow a houseplant (or office desk plant). A promotion gift that will decorate your desk in this new chapter. The glazed interior is outfitted with a passive hydroponic system known as “wicking,” which brings water and nutrients to the plant's roots.

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A Custom Gift Box

An upgrade in your gift-giving game.

A custom gift box is always a good gift for anyone starting a new role. Build your own with products from our shop and make it unique and the best gift.

A suggestion to include in the perfect gift box that covers a lot of necessities and essentials in the everyday life, is a drinkware product, a branded sweatshirt or t-shirt, a good personalized pen, a high-quality and practical notebook, and a sustainable, reusable bag that can hold all those nice products.

You can contact us to advise you and help you build the perfect set with the best gifts.

Sometimes, gifting one high-quality product can be worth more than a lot of good gifts with less emotional value. At Merchery, we strongly believe in - quality over quantity.


1. When is the best time to give a promotional gift?

The best time to gift a promotional gift depends. It can be when the promotion is being announced, during a special time only dedicated to celebrating the promotion or occasion, on the first day of the promotion or new role, on a meaningful date or anniversary, or even at one's own timing or celebration.

By showing appreciation and recognizing one's success, the gesture will be appreciated regardless of when the gift is gifted.

2. Things to consider when choosing a good promotion gift

According to our values and requirements, a few things to consider to be certain that the gift will be appropriate, meaningful, and well-received are:

  • practicality, meaning that we only offer practical and durable corporate items, so better gift them something that will really be of use to them;

  • relevance, put some thought into it, and find the right gift idea in the right context also, always have the recipient's taste, values, needs, and preferences in mind to make sure you're gifting them an extraordinary gift;

  • professionalism, it's always good to show professionalism when gifting a promotional corporate item, especially one that will help them in their self-development and empowerment;

  • budget, always consider your budget, we offer promotional gifts for varied budgets, no reason to go over it.

Also, be environmentally responsible when choosing a gift, and make it unforgettable. At Merchery, you can rest assured our products are as beautiful as sustainable. Read more on how we minimize our environmental impact here.

Corporate swags made sustainable

For more unique promotion gift ideas, visit our shop and find our carefully curated catalog with products we offer for the perfect promotion gift idea to celebrate your colleague's success.

Discover more about us as your corporate gift supplier.

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