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Top Client Gift Ideas for Stronger Relationships in 2023

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Corporate gifts can be just as exciting and meaningful as personal gifts. Whether you're looking to impress a new client or show your appreciation to a loyal customer, there are plenty of unique and thoughtful options out there that are sure to make a lasting impression.

If you're also bored of offering or receiving boring corporate gifts and cheap personalized gifts that people will eventually throw away after a week, you are in the right place. We've got the best corporate gifts for clients at Merchery.

Why is it important to build strong relationships with your clients?

As a business owner, you know how important it is to maintain strong relationships with your clients. One way to show your appreciation and gratitude is through gift giving. With so many client gift ideas available, it can be overwhelming to find the ideal gift that will leave a lasting impression. That's why we've curated a list of the best client gift ideas for 2023. Our selection includes personalized presents with a thoughtful message, unique corporate gift ideas, gift baskets, gift boxes, and more. All our gifts can be customized with your company logo to make them extra special. Whether you're looking for the best business gifts for your clients, we've got you covered.

Let's explore the top client gifts for stronger relationships in 2023!

10 custom business gifts for clients and partners

- Appointed workbook

An everyday essential. Ad your client's initials our your company's branding. A great gift that will for sure look good on your client's desk. From $11.75 to $13.89

- Osprey laptop sleeve

The Osprey laptop sleeve is a high-quality and eco-friendly accessory that provides maximum protection for your laptop. A great company gift for your clients made with 100% recycled fabrics. From $34.69

- Threadbound Moleskine

One of our best client gift idea? A classic notebook that make all the difference - Moleskine, of course - Because, there's nothing quite like the feel of a fresh notebook in your hands. Who said taking handwritten note was oldschool? From $9.15

- Caran d'Ache 849

The ultimate gift. Caran d'Ache, a "Swiss made" label that never disappoints - The personalized gift that already got the heart of the all corporate world.

Personalize it with your company logo, a personalized message and make it unique. A pen that's gonna write notes for life. You can offer it to multiple clients for small business to VIP clients. From $15.69

- Karst pencils

Let's not lie to each other, we all love a good pencil. Gift giving is all about spoiling your client with corporate gifts they'll use right? So here it is, a little gift for your clients. And by the way, the pencils are made 100% from pure graphite. Tree-free From $18.85

- Desk knife

Who says your desk accessories can't be practical and stylish? Meet our desk knife, chic design and functional. A business gift different than any other gifts. You can be sure that you'll stay over the top with this one. From $52.25

- Walden lava rock diffuser

Yes, you can wow your clients with original gift ideas. Here's a personalized gift to stay top of mind and strengthen your business relationship. Customize the aluminium base with your company name to make it truly unique. The Walden lava rock diffuser has a unique combination of materials. It's ideal for creating a serene and soothing ambiance in your home or workspace by absorbing essential oils. We can't recommend it enough, those are unique client gifts, that's for sure! From $86.69

- Desk puzzle

If there is one gift not to underestimate, it's a desk puzzle. It looks design and aesthetic on a desk.

It's a fun and creative way to encourage relaxation and creativity in the workplace or home environment. It can be a meditative and calming activity, providing a much-needed break from the stresses of work or daily life. The absolute gift for your VIP clients.

Warning: if you take it apart, you might need a few hours to put it back. A good one to put under the Christmas tree during the holiday season. These are not your average promotional gifts for clients, they will leave a lasting impression! From $73.15

For more VIP client gifts ideas, read our article here:

- Felt eyeglass sleeve

Soft and strong eyeglass sleeve made of Merino wool to store your sunnies with style. A daily-essential client gift. From $24.00

- Squire rollerball pen

A little twist to open it and you’re good to go! What’s on your mind? From $48.59

Need more luxury client gift ideas? Read our blogpost.

Personalized Caran d'Ache
MERCHERY_FEB_Lava rock diffuser_holding.jpg
Custom desk puzzle
MERCHERY_MAY-2022_Squire rollerball pen_grey_holding 1.jpg
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10 corporate gifts for clients - urbain riders and those who love to explore the great outdoors

Looking for gift ideas for the adventurous urbanite who loves to bike and hike? Whether your team or clients are headed to work or exploring the great outdoors, check out these 10 suggestions.

- Recycled outdoor backpack

Do you encourage your employees to come to work by bike? Here's a gift idea that will encourage them even more. Meet the perfect companion for urban cyclists (or not) racking up the miles: a custom recycled outdoor backpack. The coolest eco friendly gifts are the one that cares about the planet. From $49.25

  • Patagonia black hole pack 25L

A 25-liter daypack with just the right amount of space to haul all of your memories from a weekend outdoor. Next level corporate gifting for clients that loves adventures (or not). From $149.00

  • Rains

Functional, unisex and trendy. What do you need more? A unique gift for your team or clients. You can't go wrong with this custom Rains. Tip from us to you, customize it with a discreet company logo - Black on black, for example - for an even better wow effect. From $64.75

  • Yeti cooler

A nice gift for sure for those who love to have an active lifestyle . A functional and high-quality tool to make their lives easier. A Yeti cooler is not just any ordinary cooler – it is known for its durability and ability to keep contents cold for long periods of time, making it perfect for outdoor activities, camping trips, or even just a day at the beach. From $262.60

  • Coalatree hammock

From backyard hangouts to camping trips, the Coalatree hammock is a go-to for outdoor relaxation. Not the usual corporate gift but you can be sure its gonna be a hit! From $34.05

  • The North Face travel bag

You all know this bag and it means that this is a perfect gift idea. Old-school style pairs with recycled fabric to make an environmentally friendly, heritage-inspired duffel that’s just as comfortable at the campsite as it is in the city. From $149.00

  • Nalgene narrow mouth

The personalized water bottle your everyday routine. Customize it with your own logo to make it truly yours. Available in different colors to please everyone. From $10.69

  • Large pocket knife

The perfect promotional gifts are those who stand out from the crowd and that are gonna last forevvverrr. The Picknicker pocket knife is an excellent blend of functionality for city folk and country kids alike. From $54.99

  • Patagonia nano puff hoody

The best gift for your business clients. The famous Patagonia puff hoodie. Fact: did you know that Patagonia is giving away all future profits to fight the climate and extinction crisis to charity donation? Best client giftsFrom $279.00

Custom Victorinox picknicker pocket knife
Custom Patagonia Nano Puff Hoodie
Custom Nalgene
Custom Victorinox picknicker pocket knife
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10 unique & little client gift ideas 2023

Looking for unique gifts for new clients? When it comes to showing appreciation to your clients, a small gift can go a long way in building strong relationships and leaving a lasting impression. Check out these unique suggestions that are sure to please them and stay in your clients minds :)

Don't forget that we can even bundle all the products and create a custom corporate gift set!

  • Various keytags

This keytag is iconic. Showcase a funny logo, quote, your name, a personalized message, whatever you want and add a cool touch to your keys. Also, isn't a great gift to offer at office party or team buildings? From $9.79

Need ideas for your team buildings? Discover more here.

  • Orbitkey

Say stop to noisy pockets and messy keys. Meet the Orbitkey. A thoughtful gift for your clients and business partners. From $29.29

  • Key holder

For those who likes a great design, the key holder is the way to go. Less is more. From $11.20

  • Key chain

We've got key chain for everyone and all tastes! This one is made from wool felt in the USA. From $10.29

  • Carabiner

Don't find your dream key holder yet? Simply choose this cute custom carabiner made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand tough conditions. From $4.45

  • Zippo lighter

The Zippo lighter is a classic item that has been around for decades, known for its durability and reliability. Personalized it with custom engravings, adding a unique touch to the gift and making it a memorable keepsake. From$26.35

  • Crown bottle opener

Any beer lovers over here? We've found a charming bottle opener. What's cooler than a design item with a customized message to start the afterwork? these are the perfect branded gifts for clients when there are things to celebrateFrom $51.75

  • Wavy bottle opener

The most satisfying bottle opener to use. From $44.79

- Small pocket knife

The Swiss army knife. An icon of sleek functionality. From $22.00

  • Pela Airpods case

Daily essential when biking, taking the metro or running after a long day. Plus? This custom airpods case is made from plant-base materials. From $19.32

Read more about our corporate gift programs for more ideas.

MERCHERY_FEB_various keytags_almond_logo.jpg
MERCHERY_FEB_various keytags_almond_logo.jpg
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creative client gifts ideas for the aspiring chef or cooking enthusiast? Consider these suggestions for 2023.

Want to show your foodie clients some love? Hook them up with some awesome kitchen supplies as corporate gifts! From high-quality cookware to trendy kitchen gadgets, these custom gifts will inspire them to create even more yummy meals in the kitchen. Finally, corporate gifts they'll actually use. Your clients will love cooking even more with their new gear and every time they use it, they'll remember the thoughtful gesture you made. So go ahead, spice up their kitchen game and show them some appreciation!

  • Made in chef knife

Forged by a 5th generation bladesmith and hardened with nitrogen, this knife combines the utilitarianism of German blades with the precision of Japanese knives. Every good chef has one in his kitchen. You can customize it with your own design, making this knife the perfect addition to your cooking essentials. From $119.80

  • Miir dripper

The world’s smallest, most durable and portable travel coffee dripper. Coffee lovers? This client gift is definitely a must-have. From $28.59

  • Caraway frying pan

Upgrade the cooking game of your employees with the ultimate kitchen essential: a Caraway frying pan. It's versatile, durable, non-sticky and looks great on any stovetop. From $92.55

  • Cutting board

Whether you're a chef or an amateur, this bamboo cutting board won't leave your kitchen. Add your company logo on it and you're ready to cook amazing meals. From $10.39

  • Cheese knife

When it comes to slicing and dicing cheese, this knife is a cut above the rest. The perfect gift to go with any gourmet treats or the traditional gourmet food basket. From $25.00

  • Wine stopper

Who says wine stoppers have to be boring? Your drinks have never looked better, thanks to this wine stopper. The perfect accessory to keep the vino fresh and fabulous. From $75.49

  • Peugeot Paris Mill

Real chefs know. No need to be a Frenchy to appreciate the simplicity and beauty of such an object. Time to spicing things up in the kitchen with this client gift for a real wow effect. From $29.25

  • W&P storage bag

Ready to revolutionize your team's lunch routine? This is the end of plastic cling film. The end of unnecessary waste. Say hello to these awesome waxed reusable bag. Eco-friendly and sustainable, but also super practical for taking lunch to the office. upgrade your lunch game and have a positive impact with those cute custom lunch bags. From $10.45

  • Fellow french press

The secret to a happy team? A custom fresh press and a fresh pot of coffee. Yes, The best things in life are brewed. And custom. Get yours in just a few clicks. From $87.39

  • Caraway tea kettle

This tea kettle is a must-have in the kitchen, and this is made from high quality and non-toxic materials that keep your boiled water clean and free of harmful chemicals. This is the best corporate gift to make tea time a quality time at the office. From $189.95

MERCHERY_FEB_Made In chef knife_holding_1.jpg
MERCHERY_MAY-2022_Wine stopper_sphere_brass_in situation.jpg
Custom Peugeot Paris Mill
MERCHERY_FEB_Made In chef knife_holding_1.jpg
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10 Thoughtful Self-Care & Wellness Gifts to inspire a sense of calm and peace

Corporate gifts that takes care of you! If you want to give the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation, consider one of these thoughtful self-care and wellness gift for your clients or to spoil your employees.

  • Walden meditation cushion

A client gift to introduce the benefits of meditation to your employees or support their practice. It features an all-natural, hypoallergenic fill of buckwheat hulls that conform to your body, and a layer of gel-infused memory foam on top for added comfort. Send clients positive energy, Namaste. From $114.89

  • Hair brush

Our hair brush is crafted from sustainable bamboo and make the perfect gift for those who likes to take care of themselves. Engrave the name of your colleage on it to make it more personal. From $3.20

  • Recycled fleece blanket

his cozy fleece is not only soft and warm, but also made entirely from recycled materials. It is made from recycled polyester by melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fiber. From $26.29

  • Glass candle

Candles are the perfect corporate gifts, right? Even more when they are 100% organic and made out of vegetable wax that lasts for houuuuuuurs. Custom it with a lovely logo or a mantra for even more good vibes. Candles always make the perfect corporate gifts <3. From $25.70

  • Grow kit

Looking for a green corporate gift? Here it is. Here is a tiny terracotta kit that delivers everything you need to nurture and grow a houseplant. All you need to create a pleasant work environment and connect to the nature for more well-being at work. From $17.35

  • Walden travel pillow

A custom travel pillow that provides comfort for your head without lifting it too much. It features a soft-touch fabric made in Japan. This pillow will help your mind settle into your body and your body settle into your space. Now, just breathe in and breathe out. From $101.39

  • Ettitude bathrobe

Not like your home bathrobe, but more like hotel kind of bathrobe. Certain gifts are cosiest than others, right? From $79.75

  • Tree kit

Bringing nature home or at the office with this custom new tree kit. From seed to sapling to strong, towering tree.This kit is a reminder that growth takes time, but with patience and care, amazing things can happen. The ideal corporate gifts are the ones that take care of our mother earth. From $13.95

  • Ettitude eye mask

Good sleep = happy life! We promise you, this one is a game changer. Getting enough quality shut-eye boosts energy, mood, and productivity, leading to an overall better quality of life. From $22.89

  • Wellness box

Want all of those products? Just put all of them together and make the perfect gift basket. Gift boxes are always a good idea. Our wellness boxes bungle the best corporate presents to take care of your employees.

Need inspiration? find some [here].(
MERCHERY_MAY-2022_Glass candle (USA)_1.jpg
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Best textiles for your team in 2023

Here's some corporate gifts to elevate your team's look and spirit with branded textiles! Not only does it boost their confidence but also the sense of belonging. We have curated the best cuts, quality and brands whether you're outfitting a sports team, a company staff, or a group of volunteers. Check out these suggestions for high-quality and stylish options. We promis, these are the basics you'll never want to get rid off.

  • Fleece hoodie

A timeless hoodie ready to be branded. Ho, and it has the most perfect fit. From $33.65

  • Organic cotton t-shirt

Its name says it all. This customized t-shirt is made from 100% GOTS organic combed ringspun cotton. The basic we all need in our wardrobe. From $10.79

Discover more about our certifications on the blog: The certifications of organic textiles.

  • AS colour crewneck

A crewneck for the win. Ultra-comfy and super trendy. Put your design on the bag or a little logo on the front for a wow effect. From $27.49

  • The North face half zip pullover

A custom North Face is always a good idea. Put your company logo on it and you've got the best corporate gift your employees could have dreamed of. From $79.00

  • Short sleeve polo

The piece you need for a casual yet cool corporate look at the office or during an event. From $29.55

  • AS colour organic long sleeve t-shirt

Your everyday t-shirt. Unisex, easy to wear and super comfy. Made of 100% combed organic cotton. From $13.95

- Topo designs jacket

A custom jacket like no others. Waterproof, breathable, 100% recycled polyester. Made to perform in the most heavy weather. From $131.49

  • Fractel cap

Upgrade your team's work wardrobe with the coolest cap in town - the Fractel cap! Not only does it add a touch of style, but it's also comfortable and practical for workout sessions. Trust us, your employees will thank you for this game-changing addition to their wardrobe! From $22.75

  • Organic cotton beanie

How cosy looks this personalized beanie? Not only will it keep you snug during those chilly mornings, but it's also a versatile accessory that can elevate any outfit. From $12.69

MERCHERY_MAY-Fleece hoodie_Tan_women_front_1.jpg
MERCHERY_Organic cotton T-shirt_graphite_W_side.jpg
MERCHERY_MAY-Short sleeve polo_grey_front_men.jpg
MERCHERY_MAY-Fleece hoodie_Tan_women_front_1.jpg
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Impress your clients with these practical and trendy bag gift ideas

What better way than a personalized bag with the company's logo, message, or design to promote brand awareness and increase visibility? Custom bags are also practical and useful gifts for the everyday life. From stylish laptop bags to versatile totes, these practical and trendy bags are perfect for any professional on the go.

  • Peak design totepack

The coolest alternative to traditional backpacks and tote bags, suitable for a wide range of activities, from commuting to outdoor adventures. It is made from 100% recycled post-consumer material. From $145.95

  • CamelBak backpack

The perfect backpack for urban people. It includes a padded compartment for a 15" computer. From $82.65

  • Baggu oversized bag

A big big big big purple lightweight bag to take everywhere with you. It can hold everything you need during your day: sport clothes, computer, lunchboxes,...From $59.10

  • Peak design duffel bag

Easy to carry. Stylish. Corporate gifting to the next level. From $115.30

  • Pocket tote

The coolest pocket tote. Made from GOTS OE Cotton and ready to be filled with your daily essentials. From $25.85

  • Light tote bag

Your go-to tote bag. Put a logo or a big design on it. It's always a hit. From $4.05

  • Osprey tote bag

Usability and aesthetics with the most convenient bag you can ever offer to your team. An upgraded version of the usual tote bag. From $71.25

  • Recycled utility tote

To carry groceries in style if like us, you're bored with supermarket boring bags. Or anything else your employees may need. Books, gym gear, you name it. Made from recycled polyester by melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fiber. From $2.99

  • Baggu backpack

Get ready for summer vibes with this drawstring backpack. Its lightweight design and ample pockets make it perfect for carrying all your essentials. And the best part? It's incredibly comfortable to wear, so you'll never want to take it off! From $34.29

  • Day Owl slim Backpack

The corporate gift they'll love and use it for years to come! Practical, minimal and eco-friendly. From $112.19

MERCHERY_MAY-Topo designs duffel_black_in situation_1.jpg
MERCHERY_MAY-Osprey tote_black_4.jpg
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Create a wow moments with these memorable gift ideas

Wondering ow can you ensure that your corporate gift stands out and makes a lasting impression? Select a gift that goes above and beyond your client's expectations. Discover our top 3 of wow effect products.

  • Patagonia nano puff vest

Spoil your team with durable brands to make the difference. This personalized Patagonia jacket is an eye-catching addition to any wardrobe. Your team will love it! From $179.00

  • CW&T everyday pen

A luxury and iconic pen to write in style. A classic gift idea for your business partners. From $188.19

  • Topo designs briefcase

This Topo designs is a high-quality briefcase made from recycled fabrics is here to help your employees to keep their documents well organized and protect their everyday belongings. A trendy gift for new clients. From $113.85

Custom Patagonia Nano Puff Hoodie
Merchery - Custom CW&T everyday pen
Custom Patagonia Nano Puff Hoodie
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What are the benefits of client gifting?

Client gifting is a meaningful gesture that can help keep your brand top of mind with your clients. To choose the perfect gifts, it's important to consider your client's interests and personalize accordingly. Personalized corporate gifts are a great way to show that you've put thought and effort into your gift. Gift baskets and custom boxes are also a popular option for corporate gifting, as they can be customized to include items that your client will enjoy. Luxury gifts like fine objects or high-end accessories are a great choice for clients who appreciate quality and refinement. Ultimately, the most important aspect of client gifting is to make it a meaningful gesture that shows your appreciation for their business. With a little effort and creativity, you can choose the perfect gifts that will leave a lasting impression.

What better way to create stronger relationships with your clients in 2023 than with personalized message and thoughtful gifts? You know have some gift ideas to spoil your client, team and business partners from personalized pen to custom gift boxes. Our high-quality and long-lasting curation of products will make your clients more than happy!

So, are you ready to up your corporate gifting game and give gifts that won't end up in the trash? Check out our website for more unique client gift ideas.


- Why making customizable corporate gifts?

To make your brand shine in real life! Are you looking to reward your employees, thank your clients or impress your partners and leave a lasting impression? Custom corporate gifts are the way to go. Add your personal touch to your corporate gifts to make them unique and stand out from the competitors. With our focus on quality, sustainability and personalization, you can trust us to be your go-to [gift supplier] for the best unique client gift ideas( for all your corporate needs.

  • What are the benefits of client gifts?_

Spoiling your client with unique corporate gifts show appreciation, allow you tu build strong relationships. You can also increase your brand awareness and set your business apart.

- What are the best client gift ideas?

The best gifts for clients? There's nothing like a thoughtful gift with a personalized message inside.

Also, when looking for business gifts, think of products that are high quality and long-lasting. At Merchery, we source products that people actually want and will stay in your clients minds. Let it be a beautiful custom tote bag, coffee mugs, a classic Patagonia jacket or Montblanc pen, a gourmet food basket, as long as you're sure you clients will like it, you can be sure you made the right choice.

- Client gifts and business ethics?

At Merchery, we believe that quality can win over quantity. And we thought that a better sourcing and transparency on where and how our promotional products are made would bring back value to this short term game.

That's why we source only thoughtful gifts options. From high-quality leather goods to eco-friendly products, our team of experts carefully selects each item to ensure that they meet our standards of quality and sustainability. We're proud to propose you a catalogue full of top brands and products, with real values & commitment towards both people and planet. Great gifts, for great clients!

- How do you source sustainable corporate gifts?

At Merchery, we firmly believe that quality should always come before quantity. To bring back value to the often short-term game of promotional products, we have focused on better sourcing and transparency in the manufacturing process. We carefully select each item in our gift options, from high-quality leather goods to eco-friendly products, to ensure that they meet our standards of quality and sustainability. Our team of experts has curated a catalog full of top brands and products that are truly committed to both people and the planet. We take pride in offering thoughtful gift options that align with our values and promote a more sustainable future.

You can have a look here to discover more about who's being your merch.

- What is the best budget for client gift?

There is no best budget for corporate gifts. It all depends on what you can afford and choose appropriate client gifts for your budget. At Merchery, our price ranges varie from 1€ to 300€. After all, the best client gifts are thoughtful gifts that come from the heart.

- What are the best gifts for clients in 2023?

Haven’t we all walked out of an event with our hands full of useless, ugly promotional items? As the world of corporate gifts is made of smoke and mirrors, at Merchery, we offer a solution that is both premium & sustainable. We were tired of all those cheap corporate gifting such as those power bank, the poor quality t-shirt or the basic plastic pens.

So, the best corporate gifts for your clients are the ones that people actually want. Gifts that are not going to end in a trash one week after they have been offered. The best corporate gifts in 2023 are those that align with your client's values and interests while also reflecting your company's brand and values. It's all about quality, sustainability and utility. By selecting thoughtful and personalized gifts, you can show your clients that you value their business and are committed to building stronger relationships.

Let it be a brand or a white label, all our products are carefully sourced and our team of experts carefully selects each item to ensure that they meet our standards of quality and sustainability. We've got your back for the best client gifts to offer in 2023 and the years to come.

- Wow effects gifts for clients?

Tips for selecting corporate gifts that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your clients, employees, and business partners.

Custom: Personalization, of course. It's one of the easiest ways to make a gift memorable. Consider adding your client's name or company logo, or customize the gift with a design that reflects their interests, personality, hobbies,....

Quality: As we always say at Merchery, when it comes to gift-giving, quality matters! A high-quality gift not only looks impressive, but it also lasts longer, meaning your gift will be used and appreciated for years to come. So, make sure you're investing in gifts that are built to last and will leave a lasting impression on your clients, employees, and business partners.

Utility: gifts for clients that are useful in everyday life are likely to be more appreciated than those that are purely decorative.

Brand relevance: Consider gifts that reflect your company's brand identity and values. For example, if your company is known for its commitment to sustainability, consider gifts made from eco-friendly materials or that support environmental causes.

_Timing: _Timing is also important when it comes to gift-giving. Consider the occasion or season and select gifts that are appropriate and timely. For example, a cozy blanket or a warm jacket makes a great gift during the holiday season, while a set of boules Obut or outdoor gear set are perfect for the summer.

- Best way to manage easily my corporate gifts?

Merchery Logistics is the way to go. With our service, manage your stock and dispatch your merch to your employees worldwide. It's as easy as a,b,c to engage and connect with the ones that matter.

Book a demo here for more information:

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