Big or small thoughts? They’ll all fit in our custom notebooks. 

Personalize your notebooks

In addition to being some of the most beautiful notebooks we know, our custom notebooks are close to perfection when it comes to sustainability. From classic to super eco-friendly ones, perfect paper touch and high quality, those are notebooks people will use.

Choose from the range of colors and paper types available and get your own customized notebook.

What better than branded notebooks and promotional journals to spoil your clients and employees? With personalized notebooks or journals, organization will become a pleasure!

Take your corporate gifting game to the next level with custom notebooks! These handy tools aren't just practical for jotting down, they're also a stylish accessory that will impress your clients and employees. So don't settle for boring corporate gifts, give the gift of style and functionality with promotional notebooks!

Custom notebooks - where style meets function, and ideas come to life

Generally speaking, custom notebooks are the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to stay organized and make their mark on the world. With a journal in hand, you can capture your thoughts and dreams in style. It is like a blank canvas, waiting to be filled with your genius ideas. It's not just a notebook, it's a reflection of your unique personality and creativity. Use it to jot down your goals, take note of your dreams, and unleash your imagination. Stay ahead of the game, stay organized, and let your creativity soar with a journal - where style meets function, and ideas come to life.

Also, a notebook or a journal is an excellent marketing tools that can help businesses boost their brand visibility and reach. They are typically personalized with a custom branding or logo and companies offer them to their customers, employees, or other any other stakeholders as business gifts on events or at your workplace. Big or small thoughts? They’ll all fit in a branded notebook!

An ideal gift for both office settings and trade shows!

Are you looking for a cool item to hand out at promotional events? Well, look no further! Branded notebooks are the perfect gift for trade shows. Not only are they practical and useful for attendees who need to take notes or keep track of information, but they're also lightweight and easy to carry around the event. Plus, they're a great way to promote your brand and make a lasting impression on potential customers or clients. So why not give your brand the boost it deserves with some awesome branded notebooks?

Custom notebooks and journals have got you covered for the office. Our stylish and lightweight notebooks are perfect for carrying around on your daily adventures, and provide your team with a practical and useful tool for staying organized and productive throughout the workday. Whether you're taking notes in meetings, jotting down to-do lists, or brainstorm, these custom notebooks and journals are an essential tool for any worker. So why not show your employees you care with some awesome custom notebooks and journals today?

Suitable for daily use, choose among a wide variety of colors - view our full range of custom notebooks.

Branded notebooks made of recycled materials

At Merchery, we curated the most durable and sustainable options of custom notebooks. This includes custom notebook pages made out of sustainably recycled stones (if there’s a better way to make paper, we haven’t found it), pages made out of materials (seeds of chamomile) that you can actually plant in the soil and watch become a beautiful wildflowers, and custom blocnotes made from surpluses of designers. Promotional notebooks made sustainable, yep. Way more than just your average notebook, right?

Find the perfect notebook for any styles

Custom notebooks make the perfect corporate gift because they're not just practical, they're personal and they're perfect for on-the-go professionals who want to stay organized and productive. Whether it's for a conference, onboarding gift, or corporate event, these custom notebooks will have everyone feeling on top of their game. With your logo and branding front and center, these custom notebooks make a lasting impression and keep your brand top of mind. So go ahead, give the gift of organization and watch your brand soar!

At Merchery, we have a collection that will please everyone. Want a specific materials? paper? Cover? lined pages? Is it a notebook for note taking, journaling? to scratch? Write ideas and inspiration? We've got all your need.

From leather custom notebook to the classic Moleskine and spirals notebook, to recycled paper and karst stone paper notebooks. All our notebooks are made from the highest-quality, smooth papers and guarantee you a unique writing experience, whether with pencil, pen or fountain pen.

Pimp your notebooks

Who doesn't love a good "papeterie" set? Pimp your notebooks with other office supplies to make it even more cooler. We curated a selection of pens and office supplies that you'll love. All our custom items can be custom with your company logo. How to promote your company in a better way?

Prices and minimum order quantity

As a corporate gift supplier, we've got custom journals for everyone and every budget.

Our price range varies from 2.00€ to 21.00€. In our catalogue, you will also find white label notebooks as well as the coolest and latest trendy brands.

Notebook covers: hard, soft, leather, green, pink, gold? The choice is yours. Blank page? Ruled ? Squared paper? We have all you need.

All our notebooks are available in different sizes, colors and you can print your logo or design wherever you want. With our wide collection of journals, get ready to take notes in style!

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