MERCHERY_MAY-2022_Insulated steel bottle (USA)_silver 1.jpg
MERCHERY_MAY-2022_Insulated steel bottle (USA)_silver 1.jpg
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Insulated steel bottle

Price range:
$15.5 - $22.66
Minimum quantity:48
Lead time:
Approx. 10-14 business days

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Product information

The Insulated Steel Bottle 22oz, features double wall stainless steel vacuum construction and copper insulation to keep beverages hot for 12 hours, or cold for up to 48 hours. The powder coated exterior is condensation resistant and features a sturdy steel hand loop for easy transportation. Choose between the available colors and add your design.
Spill-resistant lid.
MERCHERY_MAY-2022_Insulated steel bottle (USA)_details.jpg

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