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Personalized desk accessories & own office space

Everyone knows how difficult it is to create an office space where you feel good and that suits your personality! A good personalized office space is a working environment designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of an individual. It's a space where you feel comfortable, productive and inspired to work every day.

At Merchery, we've got a few ideas on how to personalize the space of your employees. Here are our tips to create an inviting work space thanks to our top office gift ideas.

Why offering personalized desk accessories ?

Personalized desk accessories has a number of advantages for both employees and companies.

Offering such items shows that the company cares about the well-being and comfort of its staff members, which can increase their involvement within the organisation. Unique gifts can help to convey the company's values, mission and culture! After all, it's always motivating to receive a gift from your employer.

Having one or more photos of your loved ones on your desk can also create a strong emotional bond and a good source of motivation. It's also a way to keep a connection with friends and family, which can be a source of motivation.

Finally, having home decor items on your office desk is a personal and emotional way of making the working environment more pleasant & more fun form, creating a workspace that reflects your identity and values to your colleague.

The different types of desk accessories

There are various types of office supplies that can help enhance your workspace organization, productivity, and aesthetics. Here are some popular types of desk accessories we propose at Merchery for a perfect work day; desk organizers, pen holders, laptop cases, scissors, airpod cases, plant etc...

When choosing personalized office gifts, choose items that are consistent with the office feel or with a new job gift. The perfect gift exists. Whether it's design or stylish, the most important thing is that it's meaningful!

For small businesses, we've got a collection of unique to shop office items like pens, pencils, key chains, notepads and other small storage items for all the prices.

Personalize it by adding your logo

Why is it important to add your logo to your personalized gifts office? Personalization of corporate gifts is always a good idea. Firstly, it's make it a unique desk accessory for your employee. In addition, it's a good occasion to boost your business branding and professionalism. Branded items can serve as subtle marketing tools. When employees use or display branded items outside the workplace, it's an opportunity to increase brand visibility and potentially attract new customers or employees, with style.

Offering sophisticated & brighten personalized desk accessories to your business partners helps maintain a good relationship and demonstrates the quality of your company.

Quality over quantity

The economic model is tending to change towards a system where we consume less but better. And quality before quantity is a perfect expression of this. We need a variety of useful objects that stay years after years. Always ask yourself if you'd like to receive the gift you're giving, as this will help you realize how useful it is.

You can offer a selection of unique gifts, but if they're not of good quality, very few will last over time. It's the same for great coworker desk gifts, make your partner a really cherish gift, not something they'll range with without realizing it. For a friend for colleagues or for clients, the relevance of the gift should be one of the main criteria.

When offering personalized desk accessories gifts?

Giving office accessories as gifts can be a thoughtful and practical gesture for a variety of occasions, such as an onboarding, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, births, etc. There are plenty of opportunities to give a gift, not just to your employees, but also to your business partners for a business anniversary or a new job. Christmas and New Year are also great opportunities to reward your employees with special personalized desk accessories.

To customize your gifts even more than by customizing it, we recommend that you include a handwritten note expressing your wishes or the reason why you have chosen these special accessories for them.


Office accessories play a crucial role in the organisation, productivity and comfort of employees. These well-chosen items are not simply utilitarian objects, but also help to create a pleasant and efficient working environment.

There are plenty of opportunities to give, and they're always welcome, but you should always bear in mind how to shop a desk accessory who's timeless and useful. You need to assess whether it will be essential for the person you are giving it to, whether they will really use it.

We hope that this article has given you a broader idea of what a good personalized desk accessory can be for your employees, for a friend or even for a partner.