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Branded backpacks for every style and use

Branded backpacks have become increasingly popular in recent years as a practical and stylish accessory for everyday use. They offer a way to carry your essentials around with ease while also showcasing all styles and interests. From sporty and casual to sleek and professional, there is a branded backpack out there for everyone. Not only are these backpacks functional, but they also serve as a powerful branding tool for companies and organizations looking to promote their brand and message. Whether you're a student, professional, or adventure-seeker, branded backpacks can be a valuable investment that enhances both your daily life and your personal brand.

Custom backpacks for your work life

For busy professionals who are constantly on the go, backpacks are an absolute must-have accessory. Indeed, it can help you carrying laptops, notebooks, and other essential items with ease, while still keeping you hands-free and mobile. Whether you're commuting to work, traveling to different locations, or attending meetings or an event outside of the office, a backpack is a practical and stylish choice that can meet all of your professional needs.

At, we offer a wide range of personalized backpacks that are perfect for the modern professional. Our minimalist and corporate options are designed with both styles and functionality in mind, offering plenty of storage space and features that cater to the needs of today's workers. From padded laptop sleeves to multiple pockets and compartments, our backpacks have everything you need to stay organized and efficient throughout your busy day.

Customizing your backpack with your company's logo is also a great way to promote your brand and enhance your professional image. It's a simple yet effective way to demonstrate your affiliation with your business, and helps to build brand recognition among your clients and/or colleagues.

So why settle for a generic and unremarkable bag when you can have one that's customized to fit your unique look and professional needs? Visit to explore our selection of branded backpacks and take the first step towards elevating your work life.

A versatile backpack : for daily life and adventure seeker

If you value quality over quantity and you prefer to acquire one multi purpose bag that is not only suitable for outdoors but also convenient enough to meet your everyday needs, we've just what you need. Look for personalized backpacks designed to make your life easier.

While doing your research, you should stay attentive to those features :

Multiple compartments and pockets for water bottles, notebooks, laptops, and more, to help you stay organized.

Adjustable straps and padded back panels are great for added comfort during extended wear.

The all-purpose bag should also be lightweight enough to be carried around comfortably while being sturdy enough to hold up against wear and tear.

When it comes to outdoor activities, you have to look for a bag that could handle a variety of situations and weather conditions. Waterproofing is an essential feature to keep your belongings safe from water damage. Look for backpacks that feature water-resistant materials or detachable rain covers to keep your items dry during unexpected rain or water activities.

In summary, the most convenient backpacks should be durable, functional, convenient, lightweight, waterproof, and adaptable to a range of activities, from hiking and camping to commuting and traveling. By choosing bags that fits these criteria, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, using it for both outdoor adventures and daily activities.

Our range includes some of the best all-in-one bags options available, with Patagonia and The North Face being among the top contenders. These backpacks meet all of the criteria mentioned above, such as multiple pockets, waterproof materials, and adjustable straps. In addition to their exceptional quality, these backpacks also boast a sporty and stylish design that sets them apart from the rest. What's more, both Patagonia and The North Face are known for their commitment to sustainability, making these backpacks a next-level choice for environmentally conscious adventurers.

Branded backpacks in different materials

When it comes to backpacks, choosing the right material can be just as important as selecting the right look and size. One material that has gained popularity in recent years is recycled polyester. Made from post-consumer plastic bottles, recycled polyester is a sustainable alternative to traditional polyester, which is derived from non-renewable resources. In our catalog, we offer a wide range of backpacks made from 100% recycled polyester, ensuring that you can find an option that meets your look and functionality needs while also being environmentally friendly.

For those who prefer traditional materials, we also have backpacks made from high-quality fabrics such as recycled nylon and canvas. These are durable and long-lasting, making them a great choice for those who need bags that can withstand daily wear and tear.

While our catalog mainly features backpacks made from 100% recycled polyester, we also recognize that there are many other material choices available that offer unique benefits and features. For example, leather backpacks are a classic and timeless option that offer durability and elegance. However, it's important to note that leather production can have a significant environmental impact and can involve unethical practices such as animal cruelty.

On the other hand, backpacks made from hemp, cork, and organic cotton offer a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials. Hemp is a fast-growing plant that requires less water and pesticides than other crops, making it an environmentally friendly option. Cork is a highly renewable resource that is harvested without harming the tree, while organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides or fertilizers, promoting healthier ecosystems.

While these options may not be currently featured in our catalog, we are always exploring new options to provide our customers with the best possible choices for their needs and values. Ultimately, the choice of material for your backpacks depends on your personal preferences and values. Whether you prioritize sustainability, durability, or aesthetics, our catalog offers a range of options to fit your needs and we are committed to still extend our range of options to meet all your needs.

Customization options for branded backpacks

Among our different customization options, you can choose to have your company logo or a design printed or embroidered depending on the material of the bags.

For recycled polyester, we use printing. When it comes to printing specifically, it's important to use inks that are specifically designed for this material. This ensures that the ink bonds properly with the fabric, resulting in a long-lasting and durable design.

Overall, printing is a great option for customizing items like recycled backpacks, as it allows for high-quality, detailed designs to be printed onto the fabric in a way that is both durable and comfortable.

In addition to printing, embroidery is also a great and long-lasting option. We offer embroidery on certain items such as our recycled cotton and canvas bags, which provide a durable and sustainable option for customization.

By customizing your backpack with a logo or design that reflects your brand or personal style, you can make a statement and showcase your uniqueness. Whether it's for your employees, team, or personal use, our branded backpacks are a great way to add a touch of personality and creativity to your everyday essentials.

Custom logo backpacks with your company logo or a design

At Merchery, we understand the importance of having branded products and the role it plays in building a successful business. That's why we offer logo custom backpacks that can be personalized with your company's logo or design. The design placement vary depending on the bag, but generally, you can choose to place your logo or design on various areas, such as the center front, front top, below the brand logo if there's one, or front bottom, among others.

Customize with your logos or designs can create a sense of pride and belonging among your employees or staff. When they wear your customized backpacks with your company's logo or design, they become walking advertisements for your business. It's a great way to increase brand recognition and showcase your company to potential customers.

Our team at Merchery understands the importance of customizing your backpacks to meet your specific needs. We work closely with you to ensure that your branded backpacks are designed and customized to your exact specifications. From selecting the right colors and materials to creating the perfect logo or design, we make sure that your backpacks are stylish, cool, and unique to your brand.

In conclusion, personalized backpacks with a custom logo is an excellent way to create a unique style statement while carrying your belongings. It is a perfect choice for corporate settings where branding and style are crucial. The ability to create a customized design allows you to showcase your brand or individuality while still enjoying the convenience of a comfortable, functional backpack. Whether you need a backpack for work, school, going to an event, the gym or travel, a personalized backpack is a great option for carrying your essentials in style.

So, whether you're looking for custom backpacks for your employees or as a promotional item for your company or business, Merchery has got you covered. Find the custom logo backpack of your dream by browsing through our selection of backpacks.