The custom hoodie - Your go-to attire. Make responsible choices by opting for organic and durable materials. And trust us, they're so comfyyy.

Branded hoodies with your logo or design in it

Premium custom hoodies are often a popular choice to give to your employees or staff. They're comfortable items appreciated by both men and women and are a good way to showcase and promote your brand by adding your logo or some designs to them.

But let's be honest, who needs another boring hoodie that will only be worn at home? That's why, at Merchery, we take a different approach when it comes to corporate textile gifts. We believe that your audience deserves quality apparel that they can wear with pride long after receiving it.

Our premium custom hoodies are made from the highest quality and sustainable materials, with the best fits and styles, so they're not only comfortable, but they'll also last.

Hoodies are a great way to bring comfort to any wardrobe, whether it's for personal use or as part of a company's staff apparel. With the ability to customize every aspect of the item, from the material and color to the placement of the brand logo, custom hoodies are an excellent way for companies to showcase their brand and create a sense of belonging among their staff. Overall, custom hoodies are a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe, offering warmth, comfort, and a way to promote your brand in a unique and personalized way.

A hoodie for any style and fit

When it comes to the fit of the hoodie, there are plenty of options and styles to choose from. Oversized hoodies are currently in fashion and are a great choice, but it's important to consider the preferences of your gift recipients.

Some people may prefer a more fitted or lightweight hoodie that is easy to layer under a jacket or coat. To suit any style and fit, our catalog features lightweight hoodie options as well as heavier fabric that will guarantee a good fit. We also have super cool full-zip or zip-up hoodies as well as middle pocket or side pockets options. So as you can see, there's a hoodie for everyone.

Regarding the sizes, our hoodies and sweatshirts are available in different sizes, from size XXS to 5XL to suit everybody. In addition, almost all our hoodies are unisex so can just as well be worn by a man as by a woman.

The color black hoodie or a more colorful option?

Colors are also an important consideration when selecting custom hoodies. You may want to choose a color that reflects your company's branding or logo, but it's also a good idea to consider more neutral colors that will appeal to a wider range of people.

Classic colors such as black, gray, and navy are always a safe bet, but you can also consider brighter colors that are quite trendy right now. Depending on the model you choose, we can offer a wide range of colors from classic black and white to more colorful options. Simply choose the color you like the most and that will fit your company's brand identity the most. We'll do the rest.

Make it truly yours by customizing it

When it comes to customizing branded hoodies, there are plenty options available. One of the most common methods is printing, which involves transferring your design onto the fabric of the hoodie using ink. At Merchery, we propose screen printing or transfer. This is a cost-effective option for large orders and can be used to create bold, eye-catching designs.

Another popular customization method is embroidery, which involves stitching your design onto the hoodie using thread. Embroidery can create a more high-end and professional look, and is often used for smaller designs such as logos or monograms.

You can also choose the location of your logo or sign on the hoodie, whether it's on the front, back, or sleeve. Each placement option offers a different look and feel, and can be customized to suit your brand's needs and preferences.

Overall, the ability to make custom hoodies in different ways makes them a versatile option for any occasion, whether it's a corporate gift, a promotional item, or part of a merchandise line. By choosing the right customization method and placement, you can create a unique and personalized hoodie that showcases your brand identity and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Plus, with a cool design, your apparel will be the next trendy item everyone would want to wear. Whether it's a fun graphic or a sleek logo, we work with you to create a visual that captures the spirit of your brand or company and will make a statement.

Hoodies made from sustainable materials in good conditions

One of the most important considerations when choosing custom hoodies is the material. Sustainable materials are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are seeking out eco-friendly products not only for daily garments but also for corporate apparel gifts.

At Merchery, we understand the importance of sustainable materials and we can propose you hoodies made from organic cotton as well as recycled polyester or jersey. These materials are not only better for the environment, but they are also often more comfortable to wear and longer-lasting. These fabrics are super soft and will bring warmth and comfort to your employees or customers.

But it's not just the materials that matter. At Merchery, we are committed to producing high-quality apparel in a responsible and ethical way. That's why we ensure that our factories meet strict ethical and environmental standards, and that our workers are treated fairly and paid a living wage. We believe that by supporting fair labor practices, we can make a positive impact on the world and create a better future for everyone.

So when you choose Merchery for your custom hoodies, you can feel confident that your apparel was made in good conditions and with respect for people and the planet. With our commitment to sustainability and ethical production, you can be proud to showcase your brand on custom hoodies that not only look good but also do good.

Hoodie orders that go smoothly

At Merchery, we strive to make the ordering process for custom hoodies as easy and seamless as possible. Customers can simply browse our selection of hoodies directly on our website. There they will have a clear view on the possibilities and will also be able to easily see an estimated price for their preferred options which is very handy. Once they've made their selection, they can add it to their cart and we'll take care of creating a personalized quote for their request. If they have any questions or concerns, they can easily reach out to us through our chat feature.

From there, a dedicated sales representative will be in touch to ensure the process runs smoothly. Once the order is validated and the decision is made on the custom design that will feature on the hoodie, we'll send it to production. When everything is ready, the customers can expect to receive their premium custom hoodies at home within 18 days. We believe in providing the best customer service and delivering high-quality items to companies looking to boost their brand and swag with custom apparel.

In addition to being a great gift for employees or clients, branded hoodies can also be used for other purposes, such as for giveaways at events or as part of a merchandise line. They are versatile items that are sure to be appreciated by anyone who receives them. Overall, branded hoodies are an excellent choice as a corporate gift, offering a stylish and practical option that showcases your company's brand while also being eco-friendly and comfortable to wear.

So, let's ditch the boring custom hoodie and elevate the game with Merchery.