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National Intern Day: Give the Perfect Gift to Show Your Gratitude


This 27 july, we'll be celebrating interns.

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At Merchery, we love our interns. They are important members of our family and we care about them as much as our employees. And let's be honest, what would we do without them?

To show them gratitude and recognition for their internship, let's celebrate national intern day. Even if, we all shoud be making interns feel valued and part of the entire team everyday. Yes, gone are the days where internship programs were equal to making photocopies.

The National intern day is celebrated on the last Thursday in July. This year, it takes place on July 27. WayUp, a job platform for students and recent graduates, has established National Intern Day as a day to celebrate and recognize the contributions of trainees. We all look forward for this day dedicated to our precious interns.

Let's see how to make this day a day to remember!

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The Importance of Gifting on National Intern Day

Internships are all about growing and learning professionally, but it's just as important for companies and people to recognize and give props to interns for their hard work. What better way to show appreciation and support than gift-giving?

On this special day, we should all thank our future leaders with nice company swag or little attention to show them appreciation for their contribution to the workplace. It's nice occasion to increase intern and employee engagement and to get to know each other even more :)

Considerations for Choosing National Intern Day Gifts

The possibilities are endless to celebrate interns. It can start with lovely thank you notes, which is always a pleasure to receive (and we shouldn't have to wait for a special occasion to give it away :)), a spa day to spend some me time and relax, if you want to thank the entire office, a virtual escape room is an excellent opportunity to bound and enjoy some fun time togheter. We are sure many interns will love this one. Or, you can always choose for a personalized thank such a branded corporate gifts and merch. As a corporate gift supplier, we've got you covered. Welcome gifts are a great opportunity to thank trainees for their hard work.

Are employee gifts taxable? It's a question that often comes when considering intern day gift.We've got the answer to everything.

Top Gift Ideas for National Intern Day

Here a list of gift ideas to thank them for their internship program and celebrate national intern day on thursday 27.

- Wavy bottle opener: to celebrate professional development, intern day or for any other occasions. College students always love a good bottle opener and this one is particularly cool. Work hard, play hard, isn't? From $44.79

- Various keytag: a funny quote, a motivational phrase, that we'll make them remember of their first experience as an intern or just a cool gift to give to your future interns. That's a cool brand experience and it changes from the gifts we're used to receive. From $9.79 

- Grow kit: because flowers are always a hit! Even more when you make them grow by yourself. From $17.35

- Karst pencils: all organizational leaders need great pencils. You know, when you find the right ones, these are the ones that are going to follow you your entire life. Those Karst pencil are life. Trust us. And, they are made of 100% pure graphite. From $18.85

- Baggu laptop: young people do need one for the everyday lives whether they're commuting to their internship or to the university. This one is our fav one, trendy and puffy.From $24.25

- Tin candle: a candle, and a nice word to make them feel appreciated. Simple, efficient but its gonna make a big difference. It's also a great gift to welcome your new interns for the workplace or at home :) From $13.05 

- A notebook: much needed to enter the business world, so why not offering it on international intern day? Choose your model, your brand, and customize it as you wish.

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- Tumbler: with houuuurs of hard work, a tumbler is much needed. Cause yes, coffee pauses are part of the company culture and internship life. Discover our selection here.

- As colour bucket hat: national intern day means treating your inters with gifts they love and will keep. And what about this perfect bucket hat? Maybe not to be worn at the office if you're a big company, but why not if you're a cool & trendy start-up? Young people will love it. At Merchery, we do love them. They are also the prefect team building giveaways.From $9.89

- Patagonia backpack: you're sure this one is going to end on their social media channels. Cool, trendy, interns will love it. From $149.00

- Coalatree hammock: for you adventurers interns. Holiday created gift. Or for your company teambuild in the great outdoors. A great opportunity to bond with the team. From $34.04

- Face roller: to relax after a long day of work. From $31.85

- Pens: we all need a good pen. Choose among our wide selection right here.

- Carabiner: a customized carabiner: where function meets fashion.

- As colour zip hoodie: classic, comfy, cool, perfect fit. The hoodie they all need. From $32.65

- Fellow french press: young people loves a good coffee. Spoil them with the perfect kitchen accessory to make the best coffee ever. From $87.39

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Creative Ways to Celebrate National Intern Day

Yes, you can surprise interns with branded company merchandise, such as t-shirts, mugs, or notebooks. This not only shows appreciation but also creates a sense of belonging and pride in being part of the organization. but if you are looking for some creative ways to celebrate National Intern Day in addition to cool merch, here are a few fun ideas to make the day extra special:

- What about a personalized recognition? Create personalized thank you notes or awards for each intern, highlighting their contributions and achievements. Present them during a special award ceremony or team event.

- Social Media Shout-outs: nothing like a thank you post on Linkedin or Instagram to make them feel appreciated and recognize the rising stars that they are, their passion, and remarkable growth.

- Mentorship opportunities: empowering the next generation! Offering mentorship opportunities to our interns is not just cool, it's a chance to inspire and guide future leaders and it creates a supportive environment where they can grow, learn, and excel.

- Team Building Activities: Plan engaging team-building activities specifically designed for interns. This can include fun challenges, games, or outings that promote bonding and foster a sense of community within the intern group.

- Lunch or treats: Free food is always a hit! Good food, great vibes, and unforgettable memories. Hosting a special lunch or treat day for interns, either in the office or virtually. Order their favorite food or snacks, create a festive atmosphere, and give them a chance to relax and enjoy each other's company.

- Professional development workshops: to elevate Skills and ignite growth. -Arrange workshops or training sessions tailored to interns' professional growth. Cover topics like resume building, interview skills, networking, or personal branding to enhance their skill sets.

- Thank you notes: tt's a simple yet meaningful gesture that shows how much we value and cherish their presence. Encourage employees and team members to write personalized thank-you notes to interns, expressing gratitude for their hard work and contributions. Let them appreciate their hard work, dedication, and contributions.

- Feedback sessions: Set up feedback sessions where interns can openly share their experiences, challenges, and suggestions for improvement. This allows the organization to learn from their perspectives and enhance the internship program for future participants.

Remember, the key is to make interns feel valued, celebrated, and supported throughout National Intern Day and beyond. But overall, the best gifts and gestures are those that come from the heart... :-)

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