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Good talks, with good brands. #1


We asked 5 questions to our friend Elliott, founder of The Brand Idendity.

We are a resource for the graphic design industry, aiming to provide inspiration and information to those operating within it. We primarily create editorial content about what we consider to be the best and most relevant projects, companies and products in the industry, such as articles about visual identities, interviews with the studios behind them, long-form insights on creativity and business, and presentations of brands we love. We also have an online store where we make and sell things that balance between functional and beautiful, such as books, mockups and posters.

  • What is the secret of TBI's great story?

For me, the main thing is consistency. We’ve posted on our website and social media every day, every week, every month since 2015 – that’s how you get noticed and grow a following. Keeping it simple, understandable and actually liking everything we feature – there’s not a big secret, plan or clever strategy.

  • What does a brand identity mean to you?

For us to feature a brand identity, it has to feel memorable – both conceptually and visually. It’s hard to be original in 2022, but if an identity makes the company it’s representing feel like every other company in its industry, it’s not doing its job.

  • If you had to single out one project that inspired you the most, what would it be? Why?

Looking at hundreds of different projects every week, it’s hard to choose one as there are standout ideas in so many. A recent favourite though is Primary Works’ identity for New Annual 2022, a ten-day festival of arts, dance, music and performance in Australia. On the surface, the colourful part of the visuals looks like it could be some kind of digitally-made splash of paint, but is actually an abstracted 3D rendering of the movements of a professional dancer. There’s a video showing how it was made, which I find pretty mesmerising and mind-blowing.

  • Any recommendation for the young creatives out there?

Be consistent – it takes years not weeks to get where you want to go. And keep it simple, work super hard and be nice to everyone you meet along the way.

Thank you Elliott!

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