Blog / PODCASTSep 01, 2022

From Drink Big to Merchery on the Busi ness podcast


Wondering how Merchery came about?

Well, good thing. Our co-founders tell us their journey in this episode of the Busi-ness podcast hosted by Emily Austen.

"Simon Polet and Benoit Fortpied, co-founders of sustainable merchandise business, Merchery. Childhood friends, Simon and Benoit always knew they wanted to build a business together and three years ago, they launched a side project selling reusable water bottles, alongside their respective jobs. After becoming hugely popular with businesses on the hunt for branded bottles, the pair noticed a huge gap in the corporate merchandise market for beautiful and sustainable products and Merchery was born."

Want to know what happens next? Listen to the full podcast and find out more about Merchery.

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