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Celebrating Success: Executive Gifts for Accomplished Board Members and Business Partners

Custom Caran d'ache 849

Executive gifts for board members and business partners

At Merchery we offer a wide selection of sustainable customizable promotional items as corporate gifts.

We are here to help you create memorable and well-received corporate gifts.

When selecting executive gifts for board members and business partners, it's essential to choose items that are thoughtful, high-quality, and appropriate for the professional setting.

Always have in mind and consider the individual's interests, preferences, and cultural sensitivities when selecting executive gifts.

On top of that, presentation and packaging are what it’s seen first and play a significant role in creating a positive impression, investing in high-quality gift wrapping and a personalized note can enhance the overall gifting experience.

Our team can assist you in finding the perfect executive gifts that align with your brand identity and the preferences of your board members and business partners. If you can't find what you are looking for on our current catalog, reach out to us. Any product proposal can be discussed with [email protected], as long it aligns Merchery values and requirements.

Read through and find some ideas for unique executive gifts that are often well-received.

25 Executive Gift ideas for business partners

If you wish to acknowledge your partner's hard work, you can get them an extra gift.

We've gathered 25 best gifts for business partners that transcend traditional cards or notes. Each gift is a reminder of the efforts your partners have made and it will strengthen your relationship; the gift explains why you took the time and effort to provide them with something special.

Wellness executive gift ideas for business partners

Show your business partners and board members that you care for their well-being in and outside the office with these great gifts:

To start a relaxing routine at home, in the morning, or at night, meet the Ettitude bathrobe. Moisture-wicking - skin dries quickly as the honeycomb design draws moisture into the base layer, making the towel more absorbent than traditional towels.

It's not like your home bathrobe, but more like a hotel kind of bathrobe. You know?

Also from our dear friends at Ettitude, meet the Ettitude eye mask. Silky-soft, sateen eye mask lightly padded and designed to keep the light out as it gently rests across your face. Perfect to gift a business partner or board members that travel for work.

We have recently onboarded the Face roller, an incredible tool that will make you feel better every morning.

This face roller is the perfect addition to your beauty routine. Made with high-quality jade, this roller is designed to help reduce puffiness and inflammation while promoting lymphatic drainage. Easy to use. The ultimate gift for the skin care queens and kings.

Customize these branded wellness gifts with your logo or design, or even better, with the initials of your business partner, and be sure it'll be appreciated by whoever receives it.
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Office Accessories

Giving business partners and board members office accessories is a sensible and considerate approach to express your gratitude while also supplying them with essential goods that improve their working environment. This curation is also the best for job promotion gifts ideas.

We've put together a list of office supplies for different budgets that simply make the best gifts:

Upgrade your gift giving gamble with these pens

Starting off with a classic: the Caran d'Ache 849. With its hexagonal shape, its aluminum body and its 100% Swiss Made manufacture, this emblematic ballpoint pen from Caran d’Ache guarantees unique writing comfort. This pen is beyond doubt, a gift success, a gift for success, and a gift of success.

Designed to last forever, the Craighill pen. Heavy enough to offer a stable grip and smooth writing. Simple and durable.

Straight from Brooklyn, New York, the CW&T Type-B everyday pen is the ultimate gift.

A legendary pen made in France, Parker jotter. For many of us it represents good memories. For others less so.

Choose a pen that fits your budget and your expectations, customize it with your logo or design to make it exclusive, and gift it to your business partner. Give it an extra special touch by adding the initials of the recipient. A good pen can make just the perfect gift.

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To go with these pens, take a look at the Karst stone paper notebook and the moleskine. Always a good gift for professional occasions. Customize it and celebrate success.

Visit our Office supplies page and build a gift set box of customized work accessories to better support the work of the recipient. Don't forget to add a personal touch with a nice and thoughtful message as a constant reminder of their hard work.

Desk accessories

Perfect to have on your desk, discover the Desk puzzle. And it looks great!

This puzzle made of 6 brass bars will definitely distract you from your tasks, but be warned, if you take it apart, you might not be able to figure out how to put it back together…

Rather than relying on utility knives, letter openers, and pocket knives, what if there was a single option to tackle all cutting and opening, explicitly geared towards the deskscape?

Inspired by the Japanese kiridashi knife, but recontextualized for the contemporary workspace, the Desk Knife is elemental and satisfying to use.

For a calming and harmonizing gift, the Glass candle. 100% organic candle made from natural soy wax and lasts for houuuuuuurs. Level up your business partner desk.

Three gift ideas that will compliment your work set-up. Personalize it with your design or logo and make it unique.

MERCHERY_MAY-2022_Glass candle.jpg
Custom desk knife
MERCHERY_MAY-2022_Glass candle.jpg
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Executive drinking gift ideas

Looking for the perfect gift for your board members and business partners that love to sip on a drink?

We have a big offer of mugs, cups bottles and tumblers. Visit our Drinkware page to see the whole selection. Discover our suggestions for executive gifts for board members and business partners.

Upgrade your single-use, plastic cups at basecamp with reusable, supremely insulated Stackable Pints. The Yeti cup. This hefty happy hour vessel pulls its weight at basecamp until the last beer's poured.

Ceramic interior that keeps your brew free of odors, oils, and "old penny" tasting notes, the Fellow mug. This mug certainly comes from outer space…

Lastly, the S’well straw tumbler. This tumbler has a thin, wide-mouth rim and a slide-open lid with a flexible stainless steel straw, making it easy to sip. It's perfect for iced teas or smoothies. The pop-on, slide-open lid creates a splash-proof experience, making it ideal for use both at home and on the go. Customize your own essential tumbler and take it with you wherever you go.

MERCHERY_FEB_S'well straw tumbler.jpg
MERCHERY_FEB_S'well straw tumbler.jpg
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A special gift that can be personalized and will certainly be appreciated.

Integrate complementary customized promotional items from our catalog to create a more sizeable gift. A good combination, for example, a mug and a VSSL coffee grinder, to intensify the wholesome experience.

Impressive executive essentials for board members and business partners

Sending gifts has never been so easy with these essentials.

See our executive gift ideas for your board members. These are probably just what they wanted. A sophisticated choice of promoting your business while showing appreciation.

An essential that combines usability and aesthetics, Kinto day off. Choose from many colors to fit your business partners' and board members' tastes. A reusable bottle makes a thoughtful gift that everyone needs.

The Osprey laptop sleeve is a high-quality laptop sleeve made with 100% recycled fabrics. Equipped with an external pocket that is perfect for periphery accessories and a side webbing grab handle for ease of transport.

Whether you’re heading to the gym, or office, or on a weekend out of town, this duffel bag is the answer. Meet the perfect compliment to the Osprey laptop sleeve, the Osprey duffel bag.

The team at Orbitkey is focused on a simple yet essential element of our daily lives: keys. Inspired by intentional living and contemporary industrial design. A simple idea to solve the frustration with noisy pockets, cluttered bags, and messy keys. Orbitkey.

Gift your board members and business partners this key holder and make their life calmer, with style. A meaningful appreciation gift that can't go wrong.
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Travel Accessories

For professionals that have to and travel a lot, gift a personalized travel bag.

The North Face travel bag.

Old-school style pairs with recycled fabric to make an environmentally friendly, heritage-inspired duffel that’s just as comfortable at the campsite as it is in the city. Two padded side straps with a leather connector make this duffel easy to carry.

To make the experience more joyful, get the custom Eye mask. With blink-friendly eye cups and a total blackout experience. To give you quality rest and brighter tomorrows. (A life changer for women).

It's practical and if your business partner is travelling for work, it's comes with so many advantages! Visibility, professionalism, and shows support. Travel the country (or the world!) and show off your business!

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Stylish merch for business partners and board members

A classic yet upgraded. A sweatshirt.

Meet the AS Colour crewneck ready to be branded! This it the basic you never want to get rid of. a classic staple piece in any wardrobe. Made mostly from soft, comfortable cotton material, it's perfect for everyday wear. A cozy and relaxed gift idea for literally, everyone. With raglan sleeves, sleeve cuff & neck ribbing, preshrunk to minimize shrinkage.

For the rainy days: a rain jacket.

Rains’ jacket is a functional and unisex rain jacket with a casual fit. Inspired by classic rainwear, it is made from a water-resistant lightweight fabric with a matte and smooth finish. Perfect for evryday use and for stylish outfit to go on fall, winter and spring holidays.

Rains has set the direction towards a sustainable future for people and the planet and is committed to responsible business behaviors on aspects such as longevity, materials innovation and responsible production. Insert your design or logo and let your board members and business partners style it to their own!

One gift that will make any recipient happy is a branded The North Face puff jacket. This puffy jacket features an innovative quilting pattern and advanced insulation for lightweight warmth. Uuufff… the kind of jacket you won’t let go. Insulation for warmth even when wet. A great business thank you gift.

Include a personal note to make it an extra special gift.

Custom Puff Jacket - The North Face
Custom Puff Jacket - The North Face
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Promotional Gifts

Visit our shop to find other options as executive promotional gift for business partners and board members.

Read our About page to learn more about us as your corporate gift supplier and our mission to bring beauty and sustainability to the Merch industry.

Need more information about taxes? Read our employee gifts taxable guide.

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