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BlogFeb 03, 2023

A way to reduce waste in your company.


Best gift: the one that helps reduce waste in your company

How good is it to receive merch? Everyone loves to receive a little present. But no one wants useless, boring, corporate goods like USB keys, ugly pens, unfitting T-shirts, etc.

Imagine it's nice merch, and people actually want it, and it has your logo on it.

The industry is very unsustainable. Produces cheap, bad quality, pointless products - that people end up throwing away or forgetting about in a cabinet.

At Merchery we propose and offer a change. Better gifting - for your employees and clients.


A selection of as beautiful as sustainable products, that last, that you’ll be happy to have representing your company. We stand by the saying - quality over quantity.

Reusable tote bags, refillable water bottles, good quality and certified textile products… Ultimately, you’ll reduce your use of disposable items and benefit from unpaid advertising.

Here are some examples of quality products that will help your company reduce waste.

MERCHERY_Hitch bottle_together.jpg
MERCHERY_MAY-2022_Grocery bag (USA)_with pouch to custom.jpg
MERCHERY_Camelbak tumbler 20oz_sand_1.jpg
MERCHERY_MAY-2022_Squire rollerball pen_grey_holding 1.jpg
Rpet tote_purple.jpg
MERCHERY_Tote heavy_natural.jpg
MERCHERY_Hitch bottle_together.jpg
MERCHERY_MAY-2022_Grocery bag (USA)_with pouch to custom.jpg
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You choose and we’ll insert your logo.

It’s a simple step for reducing waste in your company, but it comes with a bigger outcome - for who receives the merch, for your company, for the environment.

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